Wednesday, 7 March 2018

TIPS - Best ways to become a board topper for 10/12

TIPS - Best ways to become a board topper for 10/12

1 - Get 100% success in positive exam
First of all, it is very important to keep your thinking positive if you have decided to become a topper, then you have to take positive thinking of yourself, because sometimes it happens that when we work hard and we do not get the result We change our thinking and often happens what we think, so we have to work hard with our own positive thinking along with our hard work.

2 - Complete course information
The exam that we are preparing for the exam is very important to be fully aware of the curriculum that comes in that examination so that we study only those subjects which will be asked in our examination.

3 - Regular studies
Sometimes students are studied daily and they become bored after some time and do not study and do not read the next day, but if you have to top it in any exam then you will have to regularize your studies because continuously reading The correct preparation is identified and we need to make changes in our studies to regulate our studies so that we can stay in studying

4 - Time table usage
It is also necessary to study regularly with the time table as well as the time table. You will have to set up a time table according to your daily reading, if you prepare a time table and prepare for the exam then you will be able to prepare all your subjects well. Students are also like this but when there is a topic in preparation, the preparation is easy, but when there is no limit to the subject in preparation, then Time L'NHS needs

5 - Preparing a timer
Many times even though we have all the questions, we can not do all the questions in the exam because we have a shortage of time. First of all know the pattern of examination and find out how many minutes or hours are available to solve many questions, Practice to solve the questions by putting a timer in such a minute, that will help you understand how much more you need.

6 - Group preparation
Sometimes we can not study studying alone, but doing a group discussion with my friends can be easily understood from a difficult to hard topic if you study through group discussion. So with this you have two advantages - one will also be able to easily understand a particular topic and secondly that your confidence level will also increase.

7 - Choosing the right books
To top it in the exam, we also need to select the right books because if we study the correct book related to the exam then we will surely get success. Many times we do study too much but it takes a lot of time for us to succeed So we should also choose the right book for exams.

 8 - Create notes
With the education you can also create notes of Topics which seem to be of a different topic. You have to have two benefits to make a note. One, you will be able to prepare exams in good and short time by reading those notes at the time of examinations. The other notes that you have made with your hands, they will be written and written, we remember for a long time, so through the notes also you can make good preparation of the exam. Is

9 - Choosing the Right Coaching
Most students always prepare by coaching and their coaching coaches go to study with them in the same coaching but we should choose the right coaching center so that we can read only related to our upcoming exams.

10 - Study of last year's question papers
To become a topper, you will also get help from the question papers of the past, and you will also know which type of questions come in the examination, most questions are asked only from the question papers of last year and if possible, Solve the question paper so that you will also know the timing of the exam

11 - Study Breaks
When we are constantly reading tension or feeling stress or you have done 2 or 3 hours of study, then for some time you take a break but only keep this brake for 15 to 20 minutes.

12 - Work on Weaknesses
When we study, any student is not smart enough to do so, therefore, we should work more on the subjects in which we consider ourselves as weak because the issues that come to us are in our time. Can do revision

13 - The Last Preparedness
In the last days of the examination, we should revise only those topics which come to us, should not start any new topic in the last time, because at the last moment our vulnerabilities are not to remove but to strengthen our studies.

14 - Keep an eye on exams
It is not necessary that you have come out of the house thinking that the paper got you the same. So when you get the paper, first of all solve the questions which come to you well when you have all the questions and after that again ask questions, because sometimes - Sometimes we come out of a question that comes with us well