Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Railway Recruitment Examination 2018: How To Get A Return Of The Exam Fee

Railway Recruitment Examination 2018: How To Get A Return Of The Exam Fee

Railway Recruitment Examination 2018: How to Receive Return of Examination Fee - As the candidates know that this year, Indian Railways had sought application by raising the fees of the recruitment examination. Prior to this, no application fee was charged from reserved category candidates. But this year they will have to pay fees. This is why, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on this issue says that the reason for this is that only serious candidates will apply on application fees. And with the correct candidate figure, the railway will also be able to arrange arrangements for conducting the examination.

Now the Railway Recruitment Board will return 400 rupees out of 500 rupees for the application fee to the candidates applying for the application. For this, the recruitment boards have sought the details of their bank account from the candidates. Examination will be done only through computer and it can be given in 15 languages. Scroll down to know what you have to do to get money back-

Railway Recruitment Examination 2018: How to Get the Return of Exam Fees!
The candidate who has already filled the recruitment form and has filled the fee of 500 rupees, the Railways is now seeking updation from them. After joining the computer-based examination, the process of returning the examination fee will start and 400 rupees will be returned to the concerned candidate's account.

How will the updation - The Board has issued registration number and login id passwords to all candidates who have filled the Railway Recruitment Form. Go to the modification option by entering candidates in their account. There, the candidates have to upload their bank account number and IFSC code and fill the desired status and then upload it again. With this help, money will be returned to your account.

Now, what category of fees - under the new rules, those who come under SCR, including SC, ST will now have to pay a fee of 250 rupees. While fees for general category candidates are Rs 500.

After getting involved in the examination, how much money will be received? After the examination, according to the Railway, the total fees of all the classes coming under Reservation (ie Reservation) will be refunded, ie 250 rupees. 400 rupees will be refunded in the normal class 500. In this way, the general category fees will be Rs 100, whereas reserved category fees will be zero.

According to an estimate, the number of people applying for railway jobs can be more than 60 lakhs.