Monday, 5 March 2018

MUST READ-- Do you know the salaries you meet with these eight aliens

MUST READ-- Do you know the salaries you meet with these eight aliens

If you are a salaried employee and every month comes to your account, then you may also know about the hidden disappearances in your salary slip. If we do not know, we will tell you nothing. In fact, your salary slip contains 8 aliens, which you can claim to get tax rebate. So let's know about these alluses.

Transport Alliance (TA)
If Transport Alliance is provided by your company, then it will be part of your salary. In which you can get a discount on TA of Rs. 19200 every year. This alliance is 32,000 rupees annually for physically challenged people. This requires that you do not take advantage of transportation provided by the company.

If your salary slip includes house rent rentals and you live in a rented house, you can get a tax exemption on it. This discount will be available to you based on some rules. But if you do not pay any kind of rent, you will get all the HRA taxable in salaries.

Leave Travel Alliances (LTA)
Some companies get their employees to travel a staff only, but many times private companies also offer this offer. If you also provide DA mills. If you also get LTA you can get a tax deduction. The LTA includes bus fare for air travel and train travel. The bus and car allowance is given only in certain circumstances.

Deerness Alliance (DA)
Let me tell you that if the DA is over-bound, then you have to pay tax on it, you do not get tax exemption in it.

Medical Reimbursement
If your salaried medical reimbursement is included then you can get a tax rebate on the up to Rs 15,000 alliance. Medical reimbursement is given to you by the company to carry medical expenses for you and your family. You need to submit a bill for this.

Fixed Medical Alliances
If fixed medical allowance is part of your salary then you do not get tax exemption on this. Do not add it to medical rehearsements, because both things are different. Where medical allowance is taxable, medical reimbursement is tax exempt.

Alliances for children's education
Let me tell you that if you are getting this benefit in salaries, then you can also get a tax exemption. Under this you can get a tax rebate of Rs. 1200 every year. This discount is available to a maximum of 2 children.