Thursday, 8 March 2018

Download this for Your Gujmap

Download This For Your Gujmap

Download this for Your Gujmap

1)Guj maps are only for reference and not to the Size.

2) any additional information regarding the details of those who have obtained Mamlatdars office or collector’s office should be contacted.

3) soil details outlined here are just for your report will not be considered as an official copy.

This application for Gujarat (INDIA). By use of this app Gujarat Kishan(Farmar) can see his land 7/12, 8(a), 6 and more details.

Kishan Khedut (Farmer) can see more information of land via survey number,District, Taluka, Village Survey Number

Record of – Any Ror , Anyror, 7 12 record, Land record ,sat bar, 7 12 8a,Land ,Gujarat land,gujarat jamin record,zamin, agriculture land , Non agriculture land ,NA land,Industrial Land,GIDC,Commercial Land,Allocation of land ,Name of party