Friday, 2 February 2018

Make Correction In Voter ID Card Online

Identity card of Voter ID card and very useful document of any person in India. Occasionally, there are so many mistakes in the voter's identity card or election card. There are several ways to improve voter identity card. We will discuss about them in this post.
Correction Voter ID Card Online NVSP

We first discussed about applying for online voter ID card through NVPP portal. If you remember that post, click on the link below to read the post.
There are two ways to improve voter identity card. 1). Offline and 2) online. To complete the first process, fill out the form number is done through the BLO of your area. 8. But, here we discuss the second process here i.e. Online
Indian Election Commission (ECI) launches online service portal for voter ID card named NVPS portal. You can make changes to your voter ID card using this portal. You need to fill out the form number 8 Follow the steps given below for more information on using this portal.

Steps to improve voter identity card online: -
Step 1: Go to NVPS portal for improvement. To go directly to the link, click here
Step 2: Select your Langes, English or Hindi
Step 3: Select your state and assembly / parliamentary constituency
Step 4: Enter your basic details like name and surname in both English and your regional language, then enter your part number, serial number and voter ID card. If you do not know all this, then click on this link to search online.
Step 5: Tick the option that you want to make right. You have to upload the ID proof at the end for this.
Step 6: Enter the correct details, which you have selected in the step above. For example, if you have chosen only the name, then you have to enter your correct name here and there is nothing else if you choose a picture then you do not have to fill any thing.
Step 7: Upload a verified document as image by clicking on the selected file. This evidence should be removed for your improvement.
Step 8: Enter your e-mail and mobile number to track your request. You can also get confirmation message through this place also enter
Step 9: Click Submit button to submit your request. You will get a text message for

Therefore, this is an easy way to improve voter identity cards online. After depositing it, your BLO will come for diversity in your home and your changes will be made in the voter ID list. After this you can download and print a new voter card from your voter ID center.

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