Monday, 5 February 2018

Book Launch - What is PM Modi’s ‘Exam Warriors’ book?

A book written for students facing the examinations by Prime Minister Narendra Modi started in HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in New Delhi on Saturday. The book titled 'Exam Warriors' aims to reach students across the country to the threshold of examinations, and easily hope to help the needle in the clue.

The Prime Minister often addresses the concerns of students on their radio show 'Mana Ki Baat'. Before the board exams, they organized a special student-centric show. The idea of ​​the book was born from it, as the Prime Minister decided to compile his thoughts on this subject, along with his thoughts on this topic as well as relative anecdotes.

The book will be translated into several languages ​​and will be made available throughout the country. Book 208 pages is thick and penguins are being published by Randan House India

In the book, the Prime Minister has about 25 spells for students, as well as how their parents and teachers have to solve the exams without stress and anxiety.

In this book, students have been highlighted on important issues such as stress related to exams, staying calm in exams and publishing a statement of the house publishing what is to be done after examinations.

As the book is written keeping in mind young viewers, it reads in an informal and conversational way. It has also been addressed in such issues as to prioritize knowledge on points and how to be responsible for the future.

Through the book, the Prime Minister hopes that he should be friends for the students, because they are ready for the examinations. Prime Minister Modi said, "I have chosen to write on a subject which is close to my heart, and that is the fundamental for my eyes for the youth who are led by youth and youth for tomorrow."

The cover of the book was released a few days ago. It shows that Prime Minister Modi shows waving a flag with the colors of the National Flag while a bunch of children and a pet play in the foreground.

Prime Minister Modi has to interact with the students of the school and college where they can address exam-related concerns. On February 16, addressing 3,500 students at the Talkatora Stadium in the National Capital, will answer pre-determined questions, for which a website will be launched soon.
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