Tuesday, 13 February 2018

7th Pay Commission: Increase in salary increases with recommendations for central government employees

7th Pay Commission: Pay hike to go beyond recommendations
In the year 2018, good news has been received for the employees of the Central Government, at the center, the BJP-led NDA government is considering increasing the salary of the level level level officials of Matrix Level 1 to 5 level and the 7th Pay Commission Is going forward with the recommendations. Per media reports

At present, the Central Government employees are getting basic salary based on the formula of basic salary of 2.57 and if this major step has been taken, then it will come as a big news for the central government employees. The official announcement regarding the increase can be reportedly around April.

Although the Narendra Modi government can revise the fitness factor three times, resulting in higher salaries for the employees, this increase will not be implemented before the next financial year. The government has planned to send a proposal to the cabinet in the beginning of next financial year.

Following the implementation of the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission, the basic salary of the Central Government employees increased from Rs 7,000 to Rs 18,000 per month on the basis of a 2.5000 Fiton factor and effective from January 1, 2016.
 Initially, the report of the 7th Pay Commission recommended the basic salary of Rs 18,000, but due to protests of government employees it increased to 26,000 rupees.
Now, if the reports are to be believed, the employees who fall in the payment matrix level 1 to 5 after receiving increment, the proposal will be sent to the Cabinet in the beginning of April for approval. In 2016 Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had promised to increase the salary of central government employees beyond the suggestion of the 7th Pay Commission

Meanwhile, there are reports which are suggesting that the government will not pay the dues to the Central Government employees on outstanding increments. In April this proposal will be placed by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in front of the cabinet.
 Based on the report of the Committee on Allowance (COA) and the recommendation of e-Cosus, the Council of Ministers approved the amendments in 34 allowances in its meeting held on 28 June 2017. All allowances are effective from 1 July 2017. 34 lakh civilian employees and 14 lakh defense personnel will benefit.
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