Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Watch views of the SuperBlueBloodMoon from multiple telescopes

Chandra Grahan 2018: To avoid the evil effects of eclipse, bathing, donation, mantra and pilgrim bath in the eclipse period is auspicious. During eclipse, touching idols, sleeping, eating, oiling, nail cutting is forbidden. For 76 minutes in India people can see this rare astronomical phenomenon directly with their eyes without the help of a telescope or device.

Chandra Grahan 2018: This is not a common natural phenomenon occurring on the sky, but it affects humans, nature, organisms and social situations all over. This time moon eclipse will also affect the social, political and economic conditions of the country. Where there is a reduction in rail and air accidents, there is a possibility of an increase in criminal cases. If the crimes related to women decrease, new cases of corruption can come out.

Chandra Grahan 2018: This lunar eclipse brings unique effect. This lunar eclipse is not only important for people associated with a ritual, but also for astronomers and scientists. There is a lot in the period of eclipse that can not be called normal. This is a unique astronomical phenomenon which was earlier seen in 1982. There will be a time when the full moon eclipse will also be seen on this day there will also be a time when Super Moon and Blue Moon will also be visible.
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