Friday, 5 January 2018

This is the good news for you, the Indian Railways issued new rules for ticket booking

This is the good news for you, the Indian Railways issued new rules for ticket booking

Allahabad. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has given great relief to the railway passengers. By linking the railway passenger base, you can book 12 rail tickets online in a month. Apart from this, any railway passenger can book 6 tickets under general quota in a month without basis.

Till now, passengers were required to require base verification for booking online rail tickets from IRCTC. Passengers did not get tickets without basis verification. This caused passengers to suffer a lot. At the same time, IRCTC has made changes in the rules giving relief to railway passengers. Now the rail passengers will not have to give the base verification for booking 6 tickets a month. IRCTC has taken this step to facilitate rail passengers and to crack down on brokers.

Railway wants to link your base when booking online tickets from Passenger IRCTC account. At the same time, people and tour and travel agents who are earning huge amount by booking online tickets through fake ID. In fact, the Minister of State for Railways, Rajen Gohin had said in August that the issue of not getting Aadhaar number necessary for booking railway tickets in August was in Parliament. This facility has been implemented by IRCTC since October 26.

Compulsory for more than 6
If the number of tickets is more than 6 in a month, then it will be mandatory to have a base verification. In which the base number of another co-passenger with the passenger must be updated on the portal of IRCTC. The base number of one of these pilgrims will also be updated in the master list. Which will be validated via OPT. Linking the Aadhaan and facilitating the booking of four tickets online under the immediate quota, it will be available to the railway passengers after this benefit
input- Arun Ranjan

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