Thursday, 4 January 2018

SBI Is Getting A Home Loan Up To March 31 Discount

SBI Is Getting A Home Loan Up To March 31 Discount

If you are planning to buy a home loan to buy a new home, SBI is offering you a special offer. Due to this gift from SBI, you can get relief on the lender's charge. Due to this discount, you can save Rs. 10000. You have until March 31 to take advantageof this discount. Learn how to get these discounts and how to get the benefit of this discountState Bank of India has increased the discount on the processing fee charged onhome loans up to March 31. Prior to this the discount was given only till December 31, the benefit of this offer would be that ifyou are taking home loan from SBI till March 31, you will not have to pay a processing fee. The new gift from SBI will also be available to those people who havetaken loan from another bank and are switching to SBI.According to information given on the SBI website, the bank typically lends the loan amounts to 0.30% plus tax processing fees. There is a minimum of Rs 2000 and a tax of maximum of Rs 10000 and tax.

Apart from this, in the new year, SBI has given another gift as well. The rate of interest has been reduced by 0.30%. SBI has reduced base rate based interest ratesby 1 January 2018. The bank has reduced the interest rate on this benchmark prime lending rate ie BPLR based loan.

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