Thursday, 18 January 2018

Report News - No more Pay Commission in future; govt may look at an alternative to revise salaries

New Delhi: Can not move forward with the Central Government employees, the government has decided to remove the pay commission in the future.

According to the Sen Times report, no new pay commission will be created to increase salaries of central government employees in the future. Referring to a senior Finance Ministry official, a report by the Sen Times said, "The government is determined to make strong decisions in this regard."

Media reports suggest that instead of the formation of the 8th Pay Commission, the government is considering the option of revising future salaries and the allowances of central employees and pensioners.

Referring to the official, the report said that the government will follow the footprints of Justice AK Mathur, President of 7th Pay Commission for the formation of next pay commission.

In the previous interview of The Financial Express, Justice Mathur had said that the government should review the salary of Central Government employees every year and look at the data available on the basis of the price index.

Even the 7th Pay Commission recommended that instead of waiting for 10 years, the payment matrix can be reviewed and may be revised from time to time on the basis of the Iriad formula, which is the common man's Keeps in mind the changes in the prices of items that make up the basket. An official of the Finance Ministry said that soon the government will soon stop the practice of suggesting salary structure and other benefits for all central government employees and pensioners for the appointment of the pay commission.

However, the official comments of the Finance Ministry were what Finance Minister P Radhakrishnan said at the beginning of this month, in contrast to this. The minister had made a statement in the Lok Sabha that in future any formation of the Pay Commission is not on the radar of the government and it will later be declared by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.
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