Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Ideas For Including GST-RTI In The Standard-9 And 11 Courses.

Ideas For Including GST-RTI In The Standard-9 And 11 Courses.
Ideas for including GST-RTI in the Standard-9 and 11 courses
GST has been implemented instead of abolishing all taxes in the country. To make the students aware of the new tax structure, the Education Department will add a chapter of GST to Std-9 and Std-11. Such changes are made for the students to be aware of the current system by the education department, as part of which these changes are known to be made. Apart from this, there was no mention of the Right to Information Act that has long been implemented. So that will also be included in the book, sources said. .
Education Department has decided to introduce GST and RTI courses in standard-9 and standard-11. The state textbooks have also been informed about this decision, sources said. 

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So the process of incorporating this chapter will be carried out by the textbook board now. The academic committee will be consulted for this and after that the chapter will be prepared through the subject experts, the sources said. So, now the process of incorporating these chapters into the book will soon be undertaken, sources said