Saturday, 27 January 2018

Good news for Jio Prime Members

From the arrival of Geo, Tehelka was created in the Internet world! Later, Geo also started gradually increasing the prices of its Internet Plans, which caused many live users to get annoyed! But Jiao again gave him a gift, getting the Xiao Prime membership and lots of live users also took advantage of him!

What's Good News: -

However, no benefit was received for getting the Prime Member ship, so far, but Jio has given a huge gift to Geo Prime Minister in the past, under this plan of Geo, you will get 2GB data per day! The price of this plan will cost you only 398 rupees!

How much benefit will you get from this plan: -

According to other plans of the plan, this plan is best for you, because in it you will get 140 GB data for 70 days according to 2 GB data per day i.e. you get 49 GB data in this plan compared to the recharge of Geo ₹ 399 That means that you get more 49 GB data in ₹1. If you run the Internet, it will be very beneficial for you!

You must definitely tell us by commenting on whether Geo should give more data to its prime members at lower prices, and if you liked this article, do not forget to click on the follow button!.
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