Tuesday, 9 January 2018

2018 resolution to improve the technology applied: Facebook CEO Zuckerberg

2018 resolution to improve the technology applied: Facebook CEO Zuckerberg

Facebook's policies and tools are being misused. In 2018 it will make all efforts to stop and solve it. Zuckerberg said this in his first post as a part of the new year's concept. Zuckerberg takes solicitation every year. And follow her to complete it the whole year. In 2017, he set out to target all states of America and learn Mandarin. In which he was mostly successful.

Talks with the subject expert on important topics will solve, read Zuckerberg's post

I started to challenge every year since 2009. At that time there was a downturn. Facebook did not even stay away from it. We had to install Facebook as a stable business model every year. I used to wear tie to remember this thing.

Today I am feeling that the world is getting very worried and divided. Facebook has yet to make many improvements. I have included several important issues in the list. As such, to save society from hate and bad behavior, protect Facebook from countries' interference, and to ensure that every moment spent on Facebook is valuable. I have accepted the challenge of resolving these issues in 2018. We all find it difficult to fix mistakes. But we will try to improve the policies made by the policy. Also, improvements in the tools as well. If we were successful, this would be a good end of 2018. I will work in these issues in depth. These issues will examine the history, civil Scripture, political philosophy and questions related to the government. Technology will be an important issue. I will talk to a group of experts on these topics. People on the technology hoped that the strength would come in their hands. But now many people have lost faith. They believe that the power of technology has been restricted to itself. Encryption and digital print trends can counter it. It has given strength from the centralized system to the people. But this trend also gives risk with giving control. I have learned this positive and negative aspect of my interest technology. I want to understand this deeply. This year will be important for self improvement.