Monday, 25 December 2017

What is mutual fund ...? How to invest? Read in gujarati

How much capital you will be able to convert your earnings depends on how and where you invest it. Many people who make money in the stock market have earned a lot of money, there are many loots. If you are not knowledgeable on the stock market, then avoid coming directly into the stock market.

What is mutual fund ...?

A great option to invest in the stock market
In this fund is invested in different types of stocks
Invest in money of mutual funds in a knowledgeable market
Why invest in mutual funds ...?

Investor's money market safer investment
Fear of losses by investing directly in shares
More secure than the impact of heavy market fluctuations against shares
Regularly a small amount can be made
4 to 5 thousand rupees per month investing good option
Manage this fund for professional expert
The fees for managing the fund are modest, two to three percent
Why is the mutual fund better than the investment in the bank ...?

Money in the bank is safe, but the interest rate is 7% to 8%
The inflation rate is also around 7% to 8% annually
Return from bank failed to save from the impact of inflation
Keeping in the bank does not increase the power of money buying
Keep money back in the bank only in a short time
If you have to invest a long time then mutual fund is a good option
Patience for the mutual fund

A good investment option for a long time
Make as much money as you can get regular
MFs better than stocks

Any one stock can rise or fall rapidly
General investor does not have good information about companies
Stocks of different companies together in mutual funds
The risk of market risk in mutual funds
Professional Expert Manages Mutual Funds
See these examples

In last 20 years, investment of Rs 30 lakh in PPF was Rs 84 lakh
In the last 20 years, the investment of Rs 30 lakh in the stock market was about Rs 1.36 crore
In the last 20 years, Rs 30 lakh invested in mutual funds was about Rs 1.85 crore
What to do, do not ...?

Do not pay attention to the market trends
Make regular money for long periods of time, only the advantage of average gain
Do not choose funds according to the performance of the past few days or months
Do not choose to see the benefits or loss of friends
Put the same amount in the fund, which you can comfortably put in for long
Do not spend a lot of money in the fund, the market will survive
Relationship to Income Tax Exemption

Tax relief on investment up to Rs 1.5 lakh under 80C
If there are Rs 1.5 lakhs then apply on tax saving fund
The advantage of applying this in equity, the advantage of tax saving, the benefits of saving for at least three years
Can not withdraw money in the tax saving fund for three years
If not connected with tax ...

Invest in Balanced Fund
Choose a fund that does not fluctuate
70% Equity in Balanced Fund, 30% Fixed Income
Balanced funding grows rapidly on market climbing, but does not fall rapidly on falling
How to choose a mutual fund ...?

Make money on a track record for more than five years
The good fund, which quickly slows down in the falling market, rises well in the fast-moving market
Focus on sustainability in the fund
Avoid investing money in a particular area fund
Make money only in a diversified fund