Monday, 4 December 2017

Election manifesto: Petrol and diesel prices will be hiked by Rs. 10, who knows who made the announcement

Gujarat elections were announced today as the election manifesto was made happy by the Congress in Gujarat elections. 5th anniversary of the evening 5 Congress announces this 16-page announcement in Rishad, Congress State President Bharat Singh Solanki has made various announcements. Attempts have been made to attract farmers, youth, women and students in this election manifesto. The main advertisements made in the manifesto are as follows.
49% reservation will be taken without changing the new reserve bills
A special category will be created with the same benefits as OBC
The cases of farmers' power losses will be reviewed again
Only 5 crops of the same crop will be announced
Farmers will get 16 hours of electricity for farming
Farmers will get water free of cost for farming
Cotton, peanut, potato, 125 extra bonus
Cooperatives of sugarcane will be strengthened
Rs.4000 allowance will be given to the unemployed youth.
Petrol diesel price will be cut by Rs. 10
Recruitment campaigners for just 5 daily spots in the government
Free service in STs for youth for job interview
Fixes 5GAR system in government departments will be abolished
100% credit to OBC youth will be provided for employment

Rs. 32,000 crore employment scheme for unemployed