Friday, 1 December 2017

Do you know why the sunrise is given before hanging? 4 reasons behind it ...

Live Cities Desk: There are many types of punishment for punishing criminals in the world. One of them is the sentence of hanging which is also called death penalty. The death penalty is given to the person who has committed a serious crime in the eyes of the law. To get this work done, the law has been given full permission. Under this, a person is given death as punishment. It is constitutionally recognized in our country.

Let us tell you that this sentence is given on the crime of any offender being very disgusting. Only after the hanging of the judge, no other option is left to save such a decision. But it is not easy to recite the death penalty for any judge. When he hears the sentence, he breaks his pen.
But do you know why the hanging sentence is given before sunrise, what can be the reason, let's try to know this through this article. As we know, the sentence of capital punishment is given only when no crime is apologetic in the eyes of the law. Special rules have been made to implement this sentence, of which there is also a set time for the death penalty. The execution of the execution of the execution process is always done before sunrise i.e. the convicted person is hanged before sunrise.

Before hanging, some rules have to be fulfilled: As new criminals are given before the execution of the culprit, a religious book is given to the reader who wants it, the food of his choice is fed, He is asked his last wish, etc.
The hanging sentence is given due to sunrise due to 4 reasons: legal, administrative, ethical and social.
Legal reason

The person is kept in jail before the execution of the execution of the death penalty and the legal work is done in the jail premises, for which some rules of jail have to be followed. Police Research and Development Bureau (BPR & D): According to 'Jail manual monitoring and management of prisons in India', there is a provision for the execution of the execution of execution before the day has passed. The timing of execution according to different weather is according to the orders given by the government.
Social reasons

In the society of hanging, there is no wrong impression, it is also kept in mind before sunrise. On the other hand, in the morning, the person is mentally relaxed to some extent. The media and the general public are not so active in the morning, which have any effect on people of any kind.
Administrative reasons

The execution procedure for execution of death penalty is the most important work of the day for jail officials, which is usually done in the morning so that daily work of that day is not affected. Before the execution, the jail administration has to complete several procedures such as the criminal's medical examination, entries in various registers and many other places to be provided. At the same time, after the hanging, the corpse's body is confirmed by the doctors, then it is handed over to his family, which takes a lot of time.
Ethical reasons

It is believed that the person who is hanged is not required to wait for his death the whole day. There is no deep impact on his mind, hence hanging before sunrise. After all, waiting for death is not easy, the culprit has got death penalty and not mentally tortured. The culprit is picked up a few hours before the execution process so that regular physical work can be done, if there is a prayer, then he is taken to the gallows. The person's family also got enough time to take the dead body to the dead and perform the last rites.
Therefore, these four hanging before sunrise are given due to legal, administrative, moral and social reasons.
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