Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Tech Desk After geo, every company has introduced cheap plans. Telecom company Airtel has already given many data offers for its users and has also introduced special plans. Recently, Airtel has introduced a new plan to compete with Geo.
The price of this new Airtel car is Rs. 93. Users will get 1 GB data per day under this plan. Apart from this, users will also get unlimited local-STD calling facility.

What is perhaps most important about this development is the speed of the change, and the profound change it signals for journalism organisations. The existential question of a decade ago ‘who is a journalist?’ was born out of the access of the general populace to publishing tools. Now the question has been replaced by ‘who is a publisher?’ Protocols like Twitter and social platforms like Facebook are being joined by messaging services such as WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) and Snapchat. News organisations have realised that, in order to reach readers or viewers, particularly in younger demographics, they have to publish through these platforms