Thursday, 30 November 2017

IPL Proposes 7pm Start for Night Games, Mid-Season Transfers Approved

IPL Proposes 7pm Start for Night Games, Mid-Season Transfers Approved

Subject to approval from the television broadcasters Star India, the BCCI is likely to change the timing for the IPL matches from the upcoming season, with the 8pm match game beginning at 7 instead.

The 8pm start has often seen the matches continue well past midnight, thus causing a problem to the fans at the stadium and to parents of kids at home, watching on television

It was in a IPL general council meeting that the chairman Rajeev Shukla floated the idea of an early start. The idea was welcomed by the franchises, but finalising on it would depend on the broadcaster.

The GC meet saw the approval of another change in the format of the tournament, wherein, like in European football, teams will be afforded a mid-tournament transfer window, such that a player who has played two games out of seven, can move to a different franchise.

“It was just a thought (starting game at 7pm) and everyone welcomed it but first we need to speak to broadcaster and take their nod. We will work on modalities then. There have been many centers where traveling is major concern. All the issues were discussed and we all thought to start the game but early,” IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla told The Indian Express.

However if the 7pm idea is approved than chances are that afternoon games will also be pushed back by an hour, which will mean a start time of 3pm.

Shukla though pointed out that everything will have to be approved by Star India, the broadcasters for IPL. The IPL governing council is scheduled to meet in New Delhi on December 5.

On the issue of mid-season transfers of players, the IPL Chairman said that the idea that was welcomed by all franchises.

“Every IPL owner agreed to have this in forthcoming season. It will give chance to those players who are good but are not getting opportunities to be part of playing XI of any IPL side. We are having an IPL governing council meeting soon to finalize all these points,” Shukla added.