Thursday, 16 November 2017

After the support, the government waits to make the address digital

Soon people's housing and job address will become digital. Like government support, people want to make their address even digital. The postal department under the communications ministry has ordered the pilot project. Under this project, a 6-digit digital address will be provided for the property with three pincode locations.
The purpose of e-location for different addresses is to connect it with various types of information related to the property. This will allow you to get information about property titles and ownership rights, property tax records, electricity, water and gas usage.
E-Location (Elok) pilot project has been approved for two postal pincode of Delhi and Noida. It will then be expanded to the national level. The digital identity e-address can also be used for the existing postal address.
The post office has entrusted the private mapping company 'Mapaimindia' to the pilot project.
In recent times, finding the address of many areas in the country is a difficult task. The letter issued by the post office said that the purpose of this project is to show the effect of the digital addressing system.
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