Saturday, 7 October 2017

If you use the SBI card then be careful, the accounts are cut from thousands of rupees

New Delhi: If you are a customer of State Bank of India, now be careful. SB I. Another case of Fraud has been revealed on the card. This is not the first and the last chance when SBI Fraud case has emerged on the card. Many such cases have been seen in the past, where the customer has been given millions of lime.

Thousand rupees out of the account

Today another case has emerged in which a person suddenly comes to know that the Google Octro transaction was successful and 250 rupees were cut. After that the messages were flown and the money was cut. Within 15 minutes, more than 10 messages were made and lastly Rs 12 thousand was cut from the account. When calling the customer care, he said, 'We can only block the card and can not tell where this transaction is going from. You have to go to the bank for this. '

Even before the customer felt the lime of thousands

A few months ago there was such a fugitive with a government official. The messages of Google Octro transaction were continuously cut and 78 thousand rupees were cut from the account in minutes. After one successive messages continued to come and went on deducting money. In June, the officer told that neither the police nor the bank gave any specific information about the fraud.

What is google octro

Octro Inc is a company that makes games. Its games are quite popular on the Google Play Store. The company claims that more than 10 lakh games are played every day. On the Google Play Store, there are three games of Octro Inc. Live Live, Tambola House, Carom Live, Battlegrounds, Dunky Quid, Card Royale, Sleep, Snake and Ladder, Poker Live and Ludo Live. According to Google, if the name of the Google * App Developer is written in the message of money cut, then this transaction is only on Google Play. In this case exactly the same message has come. The customer has got the message of Google * Octro that is the Octro developer about which we have already mentioned and it has been a transaction on Google Play. It is clear that this transaction has been done through the Google Play Store and it is being done for the octroi.