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What should students practice after class 10th and 12th pass? Career Guidance 2018 READ MORE |

How important is education for all of us, whether it is necessary to live a better life or to get a good job, how important is the importance of studying in life. All we know is very well. Every parent has a good education for their children. (Education) wants to send students to school so that they can become successful successfully, but students from different levels are confused after the tenth and what to do and what not to do If after 10th, if you do not choose a right subject then go ahead and you can learn to face a lot of trouble. In today's article, we will tell you what to do after 10th and what do not and what subject ) You should choose after passing the Class X (career option after 10th class tips in hindi) Career option after 10th class tips in Hindi.

After the tenth class, it is very important to choose the right subject and it is also very important to know what will be taught in the 10th and 12th (12th), which will help you to go further. More people, without thinking, Those who do not interest them, they also take a subject, because of which they do not feel like studying in the future, and they go further in studies or else they The biggest mistake is that which is the biggest mistake, so after 10th, it is very important to choose a right subject. To create a good career, let us know what we should do after 10th. (Science), Commerce or Arts or anything else, you will also be able to find out what is the Difference between Arts and Science (Difference between arts commerce and science in hindi) difference between The arts Commerce and Science in Hindi Konsa Subject's Best

What to do after 10th is the career option after 10th class tips in hindi

In our country, all students are taught a similar subject to the tenth class, but the student has to choose the subject according to his interest, or according to what he has to do next, if you choose the right subject then further It is quite beneficial to go through 10th standard, ie after passing the board exam, you usually have three subjects. All the other Arts Arts (Arts) Second Comer This is the main subject which you have to choose after the tenth class, let us know about these subjects.

What to do after 10th


1. Why take the Arts subjects after 10th

After passing the 10th, the first subject comes from Arts, these subjects take the children whose tenth board examination has less marks, 50% of the people feel that there is no scope in life ahead of taking the arts Scope) There is no benefit from taking this subject but it is not so if you read this subject well then go ahead and become a good politician, lawyer, court judge. Apart from this, You can also become a professor of Hindi Sanskrit, if you go ahead, you can choose Arts Subject if you are interested in going ahead or making a lawyer or a lawyer or a lawyer.

What is the subject in the arts

If you like the Arts subject and want to do it in your next studies, you should know before that you will find the subject from the angle in the Arts Stream. Let us know.

History: The first subject in the arts comes from the history, which is a bit of boring, but if you are interested in this subject, then you can choose Arts Stream. It will give you more knowledge about the old times.

English (English): In this subject you are taught English grammers so that you can improve your English better.

Geography: which we also call geography, you will get to know about the earth, as soon as you know what a tsunami is and how the earthquake comes.

Psychology: Inside this subject you can know about the mind and behaviors of a human being very well.

Political Science: In this subject you will get the Government of India i.e. reading saris related to the government.

Economics: In this subject, you will learn more about the Economics of India ie the Goode's and Service Cell.

Sanskrit: In this subject, you will get to learn Sanskrit language if you want to learn Sanskrit Bhasa.

Sociology: In this subject, you will be taught about society-related information.

Philosophy: In this subject, you will be told about the person's thoughts on how people feel free to be stress free, how can you understand all this if you have studied philosophy at Philosophy.

2. Why take a commerce subject after 10th and what to do

After the Arts, which is the second subject, after passing the tenth class, it is commerce (commerce) this subject is given a little more than the subject of the Arts Subject, so why is it that why the subject is about 60% in your 10th class Only then some schools give you these subjects, so if you have an interest in banking or have to become CA or else

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