Sunday, 20 May 2018

must see IPL 2018 Live Streaming: From Hotstar To Airtel TV, Apps To Watch T20 Matches On The Go

Summer is here, and while some are worrying about the scorching heat, there are cricket fans that are excited about the IPL 2018 T20 cricket tournament. The Indian Premier League has reached its 11th year, and the latest edition will be hosting a total of 60 matches between April 7 and May 27. 
The T20 cricket format is loved by enthusiasts for a number of reasons – there are a lot of thrilling finishes, in some cases the last ball turns out to be decider, and much more. Best of all, enthusiasts get to cheer and support a team that represents their city.
Now, all that sounds existing, but not a lot of people will be able to watch the matches as they will either be stuck at work or might be in the commute.
Thanks to high-speed internet with ample amount of data, you can now catch all the action live on your smartphones or tablets while on the go.
Today, there are handful of apps that let you live stream IPL 2018 T20 matches on the go. Here’s a look at top live streaming apps for your Android and iOS smartphones.