Friday, 6 April 2018

GOOD NEWS-Modi government has given this great news for gratuity

GOOD NEWS-Modi government has given this great news for gratuity

The current Modi government of the Center is preparing to give a big good news to the working class. According to information received from the sources of the media, employees can get a big news related to their gratuity. It is being told that the Modi government is in the process of reducing the time limit for gratuity. According to sources, the deadline for receiving gratuity can be reduced from 5 years to three years. The Labor Ministry is discussing this issue and it is believed that there is agreement with the industry on the 3-year deadline. However, Labor Union is seeking to reduce the deadline for meeting gratuity. According to sources, the talks are going on with all sides and a decision in this regard will be taken soon.

Gratuity in proportion to service
Not only that, change in the limit of minimum number of employees on any establishment for government gratuity is also being considered. According to the Labor Ministry sources, due to the shortage of gratuity for regular employees, it is now just a matter of time. Because technically now it has to be reduced. Especially when the fixed term employment notification has been issued. In which there is a provision that Fixed Term employee will also get all facilities like regular employees, even if they are gratuity. Clearly, the Fixed Term Employee will get gratuity benefits even if the period of 5 years is not over. Although it will be in proportion to its service deadline.

This thing was said in the notification
According to paragraph 3 of schedule 1A of gadget notification issued on fixed term employment, Fixed Term employee will also get all the facilities and benefits that the permanent employee receives. At the same time he will be entitled to receive all the legal benefits available to the permanent employee in proportionally to the period of service provided by him. Even if the duration of his appointment does not extend to the required eligibility in the law (5 years in relation to gratuity). This means that the amount of gratuity will be given in proportion to the amount of time the employee will work.

What is gratuity
Gratuity is your salary, which is the part of your salary, which the company or your employer, i.e. the employer gives you in exchange for your years of service. Gratuity is a beneficial plan, which is part of the retirement benefits, and the employee is given by the employer when the job is abandoned or over.

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