Saturday, 3 March 2018

Smartphone Trick Phone Will Announce Caller Name

Smartphone Trick Phone Will Announce Caller Name

Smartphone trick phone will announce caller name

The app is very useful when working in an emergency. Because for this you do not have to take the phone in hand to see who’s getting the phone and whether you want to receive a receipt or not.
This app works even when the phone is vibrate and silent and announces the caller’s name.
This app is announcing the name in English only.
Even though the number is not saved on the phone, this app number also unansens.
This app can be downloaded from the Google Plus Store. The Pro version of this app is available for free.
This app works on Android 4 or above.

Step 1:
First of all go to the Google Play store and search the Caller Announcer Pro App.

Caller Name Announcer Pro After downloading this, download it.
Step 2:
After downloading the app, clicking on the app will open the interface. In which call, audio and an SMS will be opened, first tap on Call.
Step 3:
Go to Call Settings and enable the above 2 options. You can select a number by going to No Times to Announce. The name of the caller will announce the number of times you select.
Step 4:
Now go to Audio Settings, here all the options are enabled. However, all the options are available only.
Step 5:
2 option to go to SMS Settings. In which you will be able to hear the message’s name and message. You can select the option as per your requirement. Caller’s name will now be heard when the call or message arrives.