Saturday, 3 March 2018

MUST READ-EMI at Rs 20 lakh will be raised to Rs 253

EMI at Rs 20 lakh will be raised to Rs 253

EMI at Rs 20 lakh will be raised to Rs 253The country's largest bank SBI, PNB and ICICI Bank have made the loan expensive. SBI has increased marginal cost-based landlending rate (MLLR) 0.20% for 0.25% for a one-year period and 0.25% for three years. With this, the home loan EMI of Rs 20 lakh will increase by 253 rupees. PNB has increased the MCLR by 0.15%. The new rate will be applicable from 1st March, which means that people who take loans from this date will have to pay more interest. Under an old system of base rate, there will be no impact on the lender. The management of the MCLR was started in April 2016. After the scheduled time is completed the rate is revised. Most loan one year ...

EMI at Rs 20 lakh will be raised to Rs 253 Because of the loan taken on MCLR, whose loan year ends on March 1, they have to pay even more interest. PNB increased the interest rate by 0.15%. Thus, the home loan EMI of 50 lakhs will increase from 43550 to 44026 rupees, which means that Rs. 476 will pay more. ICICI Bank has increased the interest rate by 0.10 per cent for one year, so that the home loan EMI of 50 lakh will be increased from 43867 to 44185 rupees, or Rs 318 more. The highest increase is on the 3-year-old MCLR
Duration current new MCLR MCLR
According to the SBI website, the one-year MCLR has been increased to 8.15% from the earlier 7.95%. MCLR is associated with the cost of banks' funding and is therefore a sign of growth in the higher MCLR bank's deposit rates. The rate of two and three years maturity has been increased by 8.25% (from 8.05%) and 8.35% (8.10%) by the bank. Overnight and six-month maturity rate increased by 0.10 percent to 7.8 percent and 8 percent.

Generally lending rates increase after the bank deposit rate increases. Other banks are likely to follow SBI. This indicates that, despite the Reserve Bank of India continuing to maintain its policy rate for the third consecutive year, interest rates have increased in the economy. It is to be noted that SBI has increased rates of retail and wholesale deposits from 0.10 to 0.5 percent on Wednesday. Axis Bank has increased Benchmark MCLR by 3 February to 3 years from February 17 to 0.10%. While liquidity in the banking sector is declining, banks including PNB, Karnataka Bank have increased the deposit rates in the past two months. Although the RBI has kept the policy rates unchanged, interest rates are a sign of growth. The bond yield has improved and banks have significantly damaged the treasury. Due to the need of more provision by banks, they are having trouble reaching the capital requirements

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