Wednesday, 7 February 2018

MUST READ-Look, the most expensive water bottle in the world is 38 million

MUST READ-Look, the most expensive water bottle in the world is 38 million

We all know the importance of water in the world because life cannot be imagined without it. However, a few days ago, the discussion started that Virat Kohli who drinks water is worth 600 rupees per liter. Well if you are thinking that how much is the price of this bottle, then do not be surprised because Virat Kohli drinks water from that is expensive bottle present in the world.
Aqua di crypto tribute a Modigliani
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The name is the same as it is. It is not just about everyone’s use of this. It is considered the bottle of the world’s most expensive water. Its specialty is that its bottle is made of gold. Besides sleeping, if you are a leather lover, you will get that too and as well as 5 grams of gold is also consumed in its water. By the way, you will have to pay about 38 lakh 70 thousand rupees for drinking gold. If seen, you can take a good car at such a price.

Corner water
This is a brand of Japan and if the company believes it can lose weight with water. This is collected from several feet below the sea of the place called Hawaii. After this, many types of experiments are made so that they can be purified. Well, a bottle of so diluted water is worth 26,000 rupees. You can take an iPhone at such a price.
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This water is also prepared in Japan. Well by looking at this bottle you will feel as if the crown of a king or queen is. Its bottles are like the King-Queen of chess. Its look is superb and you have to spend Rs 14,128 to drink it, as much as you can get a good phone.

Bling h2o
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Its just how different and special is its name. In childhood, you must have read about h2o, but its name has been named. Nuts are in its bottle, which will make you feel a different experience. Its price is slightly more than Rs. 2500.

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Veen’s comes from Finland and it is said that it is the purest water of the earth, it is claimed that the quenches quickly than the other. Its price is around 1500 rupees. Well, it is a bit cheap compared to the rest, but not for everyone’s pocket.