Thursday, 8 February 2018

Good news - WhatsApp Payments Feature, Based on UPI, Spotted on Android and iOS

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Whatsapp is available to choose users on v2.18.21 on iOS
It is also available for select users on version 2.18.41 on Android
Whatsapp payment will be based on the Indian government's UPI

Whatsapp has reportedly started testing its UPI-based payment facility in India. The new feature available for WhatsApp users selected on iOS and Android enables users to send and receive money using the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) standard of the Government of India. This feature is available for Whatsapp version 2.18.21 for iOS and version 2.18.41 for Android. Given the large user base of messaging apps in India, integration of payment platforms can further promote digital payments.

Whatsapp Payments feature, which was previously seen by Gestaltimes, is currently available to select the users of beta app in India. This feature can be accessed explicitly in the chat window via the Aitbits menu. Options are available to be available with other options such as gallery, video, document etc. Clicking on the payment will open the Disclaimer window, followed by the list of banks to make the selection.

You can then choose your preferred bank account to join the UPA. Specifically, you will be asked to create an authentication PIN, if you have not yet used the UPI payment platform, in addition, you can get a single user account through the UPI app or your related bank's website / app (if you have Is not the first) to make.

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