Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Do you know PM Modi uses which company's smartphone?

Do you know PM Modi uses which company's smartphone?
 In this era of globalization, the smartphone has become the identity and status symbol of all. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi also uploads his photos on social sites and Modi is also included in the list of most popular people on social sites. But do you know which smartphone Narendra Modi uses? Let's know from Modi about some other powerful people and their smartphone -

Indian PM Narendra Modi, who promoted Digital India, has an iPhone 6. He has been seen many times with this Apple's smartphone.

Former US President Barack Obama used blackberry phones during his tenure But if you are thinking that this was such a Vesa phone and you are wrong, because of a report, then this phone of Obama could not be hacked.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin does not have any smartphones. They have disclosed this to themselves. Vladimir Putin told in a meeting of scientists and academicians that he does not use a smartphone.

North Korean President Kim Jong, he has a HTC Butterfly smartphone. This is HTC One's Limited Edition device.

If China's President Xi Jinping is talked about, there is currently no definitive information about what smartphone they have.
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