Saturday, 24 February 2018

Bollywood actress Shri Devi dies

Bollywood legend Sridevi has died due to a heart attack. The 54-year-old actor had gone to Dubai to join a marriage with his husband, Boney Kapoor and younger daughter, Happi Kapoor, where he got a heart attack and he walked away from the world. It is also sad that in these final sticks, their eldest daughter Jahnavi Kapoor was not with them.

In the film world, there is a loss of news like this. Filmmakers have started the series of celebrities to reach their house. Their relatives and close relatives are reaching at Sridevi's house in Mumbai. Where Sridevi's eldest daughter Jahnavi Kapoor is present.

Recently, Bollywood actress Sridevi was seen with her younger daughter Happi and husband Boney Kapoor at Mumbai Airport.

Nonetheless, a series of tribute to Bollywood has also begun to pay tribute to Sridevi. Priyanka Chopra has tweeted, "The dead have no words. Sense to everybody loving Sridevi. A black day May God give peace to their soul. '

It is being told that this heart attack came to nearly 11-11: 30 at night. Please tell that Shri Devi was absolutely healthy and had no problem of any kind.

Significantly, Sridevi has been a major contributor to the Hindi film industry. Sridevi has also acted in Telugu films like Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam besides Hindi films. Sridevi, who has created a place in her heart full of drama and beautifully, has taken her last breath today. Worse was even more that he could not see Jahnavi Kapoor, his eldest daughter even while debuting in the film, who had a dream.
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