Thursday, 21 December 2017


If the decision of the minimum wage hike is decided by the government to go into the futility of the 7th pay commission struggle Now it has been 4-5 months that the decision to increase salaries of Central Government employees, recommended by the 7th salary, is drawn by the government's financial department. With the decision on the current issue, the government is spreading the words of a new system of pay revision in the country. Embarrassment is increasing due to the news recommended by the 7th pay commission to increase salary of CG employees. Employees are saying
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that unless the remaining decisions are made, there is no need to change the system. According to the Employee Union in Impression, the government is changing the minimum salary increase under the 7th CommissionMinimum salary for central government employees is Rs. 18,000 to Rs. A few months ago, after the government's recommendation of 21,000 government, the government had promised to review the matter and was prepared to take a decision in favor of the decision based on the hope of around lakh crore of central government employees. It was in October when the NAC (National Anomalyity Committee) was to meet to prepare the 7th salary recommendations report.This report was to be presented before the central cabinet by the NAC. And now in December and the decision has not yet been made. Rather than working on the remaining recommendations of the government, every year after 10 years every year, it is known to work on the decision of the end of the salary panel committee to get salary enhancement facility.