Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Bharat ek khoj : episode 35 view and download only on educational point by prashant bhatt

Based on jawaharlal nehru the discovery of india with roshan seth as jawaharlal nehru; narrated by om puri; music by vanraj bhatia; produced and directed by shyam benegal. Bharat ek khoj is a 53-episode television series that dramatically unfolds the 5000-year history of india, from its beginnings to the coming of indian independence in 1947. It is a series of explorations into the different periods of indian history - political, social and cultural. It traces the crucial and significant landmarks in the evolution of the great indian civilization; a unique combination of multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-ethnic communities constituting a pluralistic society unparalleled in the entire world. The episodes, sometimes, use the technique of a documentary, at other times, drama, in their narratives. This 53-episode serial was shot on film and produced in 1986.