Monday, 13 November 2017

Truecaller can delete your name and number, this is a small process

The biggest advantage of being a TrueCaller app in the phone is that you can find any number of non-numerical details. Okay, if you also call on an unknown number, your name will also be known. In fact, using this app, you can learn the number of the number of students who have been registered on this app. If you want, you can delete your name and number from here.

This trick works in such a way
Before knowing for this trick you know a little bit for Truecaller App. This app will know for any number. Block any coal and telemachter Direct call from the app Do not know whether it is free to talk with a friend.
The number removal process from Truecaller
To remove your number from Truecaller, the user will have to be careful that it will not be able to use this app manually. You can not even find any user's desks using their own smartphones. This app tracks any user's data from other social media. That is, when a user has given Facebook, Wattsup, website or other media related to his number, he can track it.
Android users> Menu> settings> About Deactivate your account here.
IPhoneUsers More> About Here Deactivate Account
Windows users go to More> settings> Help Deactivate an account by going here