Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Totals are essential for teachers who are studying in Nursery from standard 12

Tect (Teachers' Eligibility Test) will be inevitable for all teachers who are now studying in Nursery from Std. 12 to the schools. So far, this rule was made mandatory for teachers who taught till class VIII in schools. NCTE (National Council of Teachers Education) has recommended the preparation of tetate for all teachers who are now studying in schools, making it compulsory for teachers up to 12th standard from nurse. Human Resources Development Ministry has also expressed interest in this.
This initiative of NCTE is being seen as a major step for the government to improve education. The NCTE believes that the quality of teachers will necessarily improve teachers' quality. At the same time, schools will have the opportunity to teach appropriate teachers. In its recommendation, the NCTE has asked the Human Resources Development Ministry to implement this system as soon as possible. The ministry has also started work in this direction too quickly. It is believed that from the level of the Ministry, instructions will be issued to the states to make TATA compulsory soon. The decision to apply tetra for teachers who were taught in schools was done only on NCTE initiative. At present, this inevitability is applicable only in government schools.
Recently, the government has also started work on the scheme to train unskilled teachers who are studying in schools across the country, through an attempt to improve education. Under this, all the unskilled educators of the country studying in schools are targeted to be trained within the next two years. So far, around 15 lakh school teachers from all over the country have registered for training.