Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Toll-free number for acne complaint

MUMBAI: If there is a complaint against noise pollution during the festivals or on the illegal roads raised on the roads and illegal poster and banners, and if there is a loud speaker in any place, then it can be complied with toll free number from now on. The Mumbai Municipal Corporation has declared toll free number for this complaint.
This service is available on the toll free number 1800223467 and 1292 (MTNL Landline and MTNL Mobile) as announced by the Corporation. This service will be started sooner from other service providers. Apart from this, we can also call the 1916 number. Also, SMS can be sent from the mobile number at 9920760525. There is also a facility to file complaints on email.
Special officers will be appointed in all the police stations of Mumbai to prevent and control the noise. The details of which will be found in the Mumbai Municipal Corporation: http://anagnifeinh.nic.in/school-school website. During the festivals, special officers have also been appointed in every ward to take action against the complaints regarding the tent raised on the road.
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