Saturday, 4 November 2017

Not only the bank account, it is necessary to have a support card link in these 13 places also

The base card has to be used to do many things. Support cards have been compulsory in many government schemes. So let us know about 10 places where now the Aadhaar card has become mandatory for you.

Bank account:
Now if you have to open an account in any bank, then a support card must be compulsory for them. Since opening your bank account, your account must be entering your Aadhaar number in the computer. Apart from this, if you have an old account in the bank, it is now mandatory to link it with support.
Now it is compulsory to link the PAN card with support.
Mobile Number:
Now if you want to bring a new simcard to your mobile, you also need to have a support card mandatory and if you have an old simcard, it will have to compulsory link it with support.
Now the foreign ministry has mandated the support card to make a passport.
Income Tax Return
It is compulsory to provide support card information while recruiting income tax return.
Relaxation on railway tickets
It is now necessary to provide support information for train tickets that are available with discount under various Kota.
Midday meal
A support card has also become a requirement for midday meal for students of government schools.
Scholarship Program
The Aadhaar card has also become mandatory for the people applying for the scholarship program being run by the government for the students.
Public Distribution System
The support card for the dying food items and other people under government subsidy has now become mandatory. Because you will not get a ration on subsidy, except for the support card.
PF Account:
EPFO has mandated linking PF account with support.
Government Schemes
To avail the benefits of government schemes, it is mandatory to link the Aadhar card, for which the deadline has been fixed for March 31. However, the matter is in the Supreme Court, which will take longer to come, so the time limit has been increased to 31 March.
Death Certificate
After one October, if someone dies, he will have to give the support number of the deceased to take his death certificate. That is, the family gets compensation or payment only when the number of the deceased will be based.
Driving license and new vehicle registration

The government has planned to provide a number of registration for driving licenses and new vehicle registration. This step will help prevent stolen vehicles and fake licenses