Monday, 20 November 2017

Caution, The Government Will Stop The Check From The Check! This Is The Whole Planning

Caution, The Government Will Stop The Check From The Check! This Is The Whole Planning

If you pay by check, this news is special for you. Reading this news carefully will prove beneficial to you. The government can take another step to change the banking system after the completion of one year

The government is considering the closure of the transaction through check, which is why all the Indian businessmen (CAIT) say. The industry group says that the government can ban the check in the currency soon after the ban.

The government can close the check book so as not to pay the check. However, after the notification, the Modi government has been trying to promote digital payments. The government has also offered some attractive offers to encourage digital payments. In this order, the government can now close the checkbook system to encourage digital payments. If the checkbook closes, traders will have the option of digital payments without cash payments.

According to CAIT secretary Pravin Khandelwal, the government is encouraging digital payments, so that the government is pushing the economy into a cashless economy. In order to encourage digital payments, the government is in favor of making payments through credit and debit cards. Khandelwala said that the government now spends Rs 25,000 crore on the printing of the note and it spends Rs 6000 crore on the security of the notes. Thus, the total expenditure on printing and maintenance of these notes is Rs. 31000 crores. If the government succeeds in making cashless economy, then the cost will be greatly reduced. If the government wants to encourage digital transactions, then the charge on card payments will also be eliminated.