Thursday, 2 November 2017

Can you remove cash from ATM card ATM, know how?

With the coming of ATM, the rush in our bank has been reduced considerably. We can withdraw money from ATM machine at any time during the day or night, just need ATM card. But, if you have forgotten your ATM card at home while taking out money from ATM machine among these people, do not panic. Some banks are offering such facility, so you can withdraw money without the ATM card. You will not have to do much to get this facility, simply by facilitating the process you can also avail of this facility.

Register yourself in the bank
In order to get this facility, first you have to register yourself in this bank. This registration can also be done with the help of Bank's Bank or Bank Internet Banking. At the same time, you also have the option to call the Bank Customer Service Center to get the registration.
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Will get 4-digit MPIN
Once registered in the bank, the user will get a 4-digit MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number). This number will be like the ATM PIN. It will also be used as user transaction security pin or as an authority code.
Mobile application download
After registration, you will have to download the application related to that bank on your mobile. Users have also been given the option of SMS channel for this. Through this, the bank will send the web link of this application to your mobile.
Similar features like ATMs
This service is completely free to withdraw money from the ATM machine without debit card. After registration, you will get the same utility as the right ATM Card from the Mpin. With this help, user intra bank, mobile to mobile, mobile to account fund transfer and net electronic fund transfers will be able to do all. At the same time, the Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) will be the feature of this mobile application.
5000 is limit
Now you will be questioning about the limit for withdrawal of money without any ATM card in your mind. We also give you the answer. In fact, with the help of MPIN, you will be able to withdraw money till 5000 rupees per day limit.
Under the IMPS, the limit will be increased to Rs 30000 per day in fund transfer. In relation to SMS, this limit is Rs. 4000 per day. However, the limit on all bill payments is 20,000 rupees per transaction per day.
How to remove money
How do you withdraw money after getting the registration and MPIN? First of all, open the downloaded mobile application on your mobile. Then after adding the Mpin, click the Cardless Withdraw button. Please note that the amount you want to withdraw before clicking.
After submitting the bank, the bank will send a temporary password to your registered mobile. With the help of this password, you have to go to the application and generate another password.
Cash On Mobile Make Selection
Now you can choose the cash on mobile option given on the ATM machine screen. After this, you enter your mobile number, the AMOUNT, the temporary password sent by the bank and the password generated by you in the box requested.
On the match of these fours, you will come out of the demanded ATM machine sought by you. With the help of this application, you will also be able to send money to the third party.