Friday, 27 October 2017

Toll free number facility in every district to hear complaints of voters

With the election of Gujarat assembly-2007, a call center with toll free number will be started at every district level. The toll free number will be declared in the same series in each district. If any of the legislative assembly is found to be irregular, then the normal person can also complain about this toll free number. Coalcenter and Investigation will be appointed. The Coalcenter and the control room will be in charge of the senior officer of the district and the officer will be vigilant to accept the complaints of the voters and to take action without delay and send related officers and seagull troops. Coalcenter's telephone lines will be arranged to accommodate enough staff to remain active for twenty four hours to accept voters' complaints.
According to the sources, the Election Commission of India has introduced toll-free numbers in every district of the Income Tax department and every district of the state to inform the Election Commission about the election related irregularities, according to the instructions of the Election Commission of India for the completion of elections in a free and fair environment. Toll free number will be started in every district in the upcoming Gujarat assembly elections 2007. The toll free numbers, including three to four hunting lines, are being provided by the public to give information about any mischiefs in the coalcentre.
It is noteworthy that the debates for bribery in elections are often repeated. So if any person tries to bribe any type of person or trying to influence voters with financial transactions, then a direct complaint can be made to this toll free number. Procedure will be conducted by the designated officer immediately after receiving the complaint.
Complaints of Code of Conduct violation can also be done
Gujarat assembly elections have been announced. Now a senior officer will be appointed in each district for the implementation of the Model Code of Conduct. The official can also file written or oral complaint to the political parties or the general voter. If, in the circumstances of the complaint, the Code of Conduct Implementing Authority can take action against the police complaint. Apart from this, the Code of Conduct can also carry legal action against those who violate the Code of Conduct.
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