Thursday, 26 October 2017

Cyber attack of bedrobi virus on many countries including Russia

More than half affected people in Russia
New Delhi: Following a ransomware, now a cyber attack by Bederbeby, a virus. Many countries, including Russia, have been affected by the virus. Although there has been no report of any major damage to the attack so far, the US government has issued a warning.
Robert Liposki, a cyber firm EGI researcher, said that hackers have influenced the infrastructure of the bases, including transport operators.

It is clear that the attack has been handled well. According to Itet, more than half the people affected by the attack were in Russia, followed by Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey and Japan.
How Does It Work?
The US Department of Homeland Security has warned about Beddarbebi. This warning states that it is a virus that locks the computer and then asks for money to unlock it. Russia's biggest news organization Interfax said that this virus has affected some of its services. However, it has been improved. When a Ukrainian airport spokesman said that due to an attack on his system, he had to prepare the passenger list manually. It has delayed flights due to it.
What does Kaspersky Lab believe?
Russia's cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab said that the Mtwo Bederbie virus is increasing its exposure just like the reinsmware in June. Multitwhichouhwaine Virus has affected many government agencies and businesses.
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